Saturday, June 12, 1999

To My Treasures

Dear little piece of my soul
One day be the prince
In the world of decency
Rule the kingdom of honesty
From the palace of fervor
Keep integrity as your throne
Place dignity as your crown
Have humanity within your grip
Walk on the carpet of demeanor
Be the shelter to the lost
Be the entrusted one
Don’t let affliction
Sprays your ether
Smile should always adorn you

Sweet little piece of my heart
One day be the princess
In the world of benevolence
Rule the kingdom of generosity
From the palace of beauty
Keep benignity as your throne
Place probity as your crown
Have chastity within your grip
Walk on the carpet of vigor
Be the haven to the lost
Be the dependable one
Don’t let chagrin
Raise in your air
Beam be always embellish you

My gorgeous little treasures

Let Quran and Hadits
Light your paths
And take your hands
Through the gateway of truth

(June, 12 1999)

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